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Extract 1 01 Nicky: I could do whatever I want and write it off as in character 02 James: yeah I love being in a character like you just be like 03 %well it's my character% (.) what are you going to do?

Extract 2 01 LUKE: It used to be fun when this 02 kinda stuff would happen and 03 you would get like the F B I 04 website seized (.) 05 [page? Have you =seen those?] 06 JAMES: [hehehehehehe =.hhh ] 07 It should just be a-like a gif 08 of an F B I guy ((turns 09 around)) just going like 10 [this ] 11 LUKE: [WE'RE] TAKIN' YER WEBSITE 12 JAMES: ((spin back around and glares 13 at camera)) 14 LUKE: hehe what're you doin' here? HEHEHE. ah::: let's see. 15 JAMES: Like a guy in like a (.) like a detective guy. 16 LUKE: Yeah these. These were epic. 17 JAMES: Yeah those are cool.

Extract 3 01 *STE: if you're not [happy in your setting ] you're 02 *MAU: [I'll have Jerry get them down] 03 *STE: [not gonna be happy with where you are ] 04 *PAT: [I'LL TELL YOU WHAT KID if you're going to college] to have a 05 good time one year is all I'm [paying for the rest is on] 06 *STE: [ I'M NOT GOING] 07 [ TO COL][LEGE TO HAVE ] [A GOOD] TIME. 08 *PAT: [your own ][>I already told you that<] 09 *MAU: [Dale ] [Dale ] 10 *STE: BUT IT'S LIKE [ IT'S A ] [PROVEN ] [FACT THAT] 11 *DAL: [no that's alright] 12 *MAU: [no here] 13 *DAL: [I know ] 14 *STE: PEOPLE work better: in a comfortable 15 situ[ation THAN IN AN UNCOMFORTABLE situation. ]

Extract 4 01 BARON: Everybody wakes up and he goes aw don't worry guys, I was on 02 a road trip with my wife one time and she was drivin and she 03 kept hittin those but I was asleep and I woke up and was like 04 what're you doin? And she was like aw I was just like cuttin 05 the corner short and he goes so that's what I'm doin. 06 TYLER: HEHE[HEhehehehehe ] 07 CREED: [hohoho WHA:T?]