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We'd like to thank the following people and institutions for their assistance in the creation of this website:

BBC Radio Ulster

  • Laura Spence
  • Cathy Moorhead

Libraries NI

  • Patricia Walker, Specialist Manager, Heritage & Digitisation
  • Jane Moore, Cultural Services Manager
  • Eileen McVerry, Heritage Services Manager

Linen Hall Library

  • John Killen, Librarian
  • Monica Cash, Deputy Librarian

Ministerial Advisory Group on the Ulster Scots Academy (MAGUS)

  • Bill Smith, Chair of MAGUS

Queen's University of Belfast

  • Diarmuid Kennedy, Librarian

Ulster Historical Foundation

  • William Roulston

Ulster University

  • Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh, Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Frank Reynolds, Librarian
  • Dr Carol Baraniuk
  • Dr Averill Buchanan
  • David Gray
  • Adrian Henderson
  • Audrey Watson
  • Dr Kathryn White