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Duration: 01 March 2017 – 31 December 2021
Staff Involved:
Prof N Hewitt, Prof P Griffiths, Dr Y Huang, Dr M Huang, Dr C Brandoni, Dr A Zacharopoulos, Mr D McLarnon, Dr P Keatley, Mr S Devlin

The project will focus on how the wide-scale deployment of mass energy storage can allow very high levels of renewable energy to be integrated into power grids globally. Variable renewable energy resources (e.g. wind and wave) cannot be controlled, and require measures such as energy storage to integrate them into existing power grids. Energy can be stored in bulk using large-scale storage, or at smaller scales using mass energy storage devices, owned and operated by domestic and business consumers. Ireland, NI and Scotland have among the best wind, wave and tidal resources in the world and are regarded globally as a test bed for the deployment of services and technologies to manage very high levels of variable renewable energy.

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