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Funder: Royal Society and China (NSFC)
Duration: 01 March 2016 – 28 February 2018
Staff Involved: Dr Ye Huang, Dr Mingjun Huang, Prof Neil Hewitt

International Exchanges Scheme – RS-China (NSFC) Cost share is a 2 years project funded by Royal Society, the Newton Mobility grants and National Natural Science Foundation of China. The major aim of the project is to develop an integrated distributed energy storage (DES) for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by encouraging renewable electricity generation for large scale installations. This project will focus on (local level) distributed energy storage design and optimisation. Process modelling will be carried out on a small scale power system using device performance data. The results will be validated by experiments. A thorough techno-economic and Life Cycle analysis will be conducted within the full energy supply chain. In order to facilitate research partnerships between UK and China, researcher from Ulster University and Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences will work together in design, implementation and optimisation.