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Funder: CEC-H2020- SC-LCE-2014
Duration: 01 May 2015 to 30 April 2018
Staff Involved: Prof PW Griffiths, Dr C Brandoni, Dr J Mondol, Dr M Huang, Prof N Hewitt, Dr D Redpath

The PhD on Innovation Pathways for project (INPATH-TES) received funding from the European Commission within the framework of the H2020 European programme (Nº 657466), with the main objective to create a network of universities, research centres and industries that would allow the implementation of a joint PhD programme in thermal energy storage (TES). As a result of the European project, the INPATH-TES network, coordinated by the University of Lleida, was created with the main goal to foster cooperation between universities, research institutes, and companies from industry aimed at developing quality learning material for the education and training of professionals in the field of thermal energy storage. The final results of this network was the qualification of highly skilled specialists on this topic, able to meet the needs of research institutes and industrial companies.