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Funder: Science Foundation Ireland and Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland)
Duration: 01 January 2016 to 28 February 2021
Staff Involved: Prof N Hewitt, Dr Y Huang

Impending energy market changes, potential increased electrification of the heat and transport sectors and increased renewable energy penetration will realise new opportunities for cost effective energy storage and smart grid controls at all scales.  This when coupled with increased consumer participation and awareness, will lead to a new paradigm in energy system analysis that must also account for energy security, stability and reliability. Ireland is the showcase of this approach with high rates of wind penetration and future higher aspirations of which the majority will be wind.  This 2020 target and subsequent 2030 and 2050 aspirations will lead to electricity network stability challenges and energy availability issues in excess of EU members and thus demonstrating impacts and their solutions ahead of EU requirements. Ulster will address demand side management and electricity market aspects of this work.