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Duration: 01 October 2016 to 31 January 2020
Staff Involved: Dr TJ Hyde, Dr J Zhang

Curtain walls, i.e. facade modules, which span from floor to ceiling consisting mainly of transparent glass-walled component, have been an integral part of commercial and public building for over a century. Today curtain walls are associated with modern architecture and their popularity is exponentially increasing. However, curtain walls are often criticized for their limited insulation characteristics.

For this reason, the developers of Eensulate technology came up with a product, which will reduce unwanted energy losses. Furthermore, existing buildings, including historical ones, are responsible for up to 60% of energy losses through the envelope. Eensulate modules are suitable for both new and existing buildings and therefore have the capacity to solve the major energy losses through retrofitting of old buildings. The goal of the project is to develop an affordable advanced architectural glass to address thermal and acoustic insulation.

Eensulate is expected to minimize thermal bridges between curtain walls and sub-structures, have cost-effective control of solar radiation and approach to insulate the spandrel, allow for an easy implementation on site by reducing the weight of the curtain wall.