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Funder: CEC NPP Northern Periphery & Arctic Pro
Duration: 01 March 2016 to 31 August 2016
Staff Involved: Prof N Hewitt, Dr C Brandoni

The project helped build the capacity and readiness of local and regional authorities to introduce renewable energy and energy efficient solutions into buildings and public infrastructure. It did this through the development of a new, innovative integrated assessment tool which can be used to assess the feasibility of community renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Moreover, it increased the expertise of Local Authorities by looking at how low carbon technologies are used and how Local Authorities can support citizens’ behavioural change. The aims of the project were to: support the decision making process of energy community initiatives; remove the barriers that can arise during early stage engagement with consultancy groups; provide value-added information about project risks that are relevant to the feasibility of project financing; support LA’s in strategically identifying initiatives for influencing citizens in adopting low carbon technologies and sustainable behaviour.