13 - Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials

REF2014 results show Engineering at Ulster is in the top 20 within the UK and the leading materials research institute in Northern Ireland. 100% of our research impact is world-leading or internationally-excellent and we are in the top UK quartile across all research topics.

Unit Co-ordinator:
Professor Jim McLaughlin

REF2014 results show  Engineering at Ulster is in the top 20 within the UK and the leading materials  research institute in Northern Ireland.  100% of our research impact is  world-leading or internationally-excellent and we are in the top UK quartile  across all research topics.

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100% of our research  impact judged to be world-leading or internationally excellent in the Research  Excellence Framework

People Involved

The following university staff are involved with the research activities of this Unit of Assessment and participated in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework:

People Involved
Archer, E Dr Lecturer
Boyd, A Dr Senior Lecturer
Brown, S Dr Lecturer
Burke, G Dr Lecturer
Byrne, J Professor Professor of Photocatalysis
Davis, J Professor Professor
Dixon, D Dr Senior Lecturer
Dunlop, PSM Dr Lecturer in Engineering Materials
Escalona, O Professor Professor & Director of the Advanced Cardiovascular Research Centre
Finlay, D Dr Senior Lecturer
Leacock, A Dr Reader
Lemoine, PN Dr Lecturer
Maguire, PD Professor Professor of Plasmas and Nanofabrication
Mariotti, D Dr Reader
McIlhagger, A Dr Reader
McLaughlin, JA Professor Director of the Engineering Research Institute
Meenan, BJ Professor Professor of Biomedical Materials
Papakonstantinou, P Professor Professor of Advanced Materials
Quinn, J Dr Senior Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Engineering and Renewable Energy

Research Outputs

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Research Impact Case Studies

Bringing nanomaterials research to industrial production

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ECRE: Composites to Industry led Consortium – the NIACE Centre

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Integrated Healthcare Sensors Underpin Global Connected Health

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Research Environment

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