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Unit Co-ordinator

In the 2014 REF, the Business and Management Unit of Assessment  (UoA) has 98% of its research recognised as international in terms of originality,  significance and rigour. This is a major improvement compared to the 2008 RAE,  when the score was 85%, and places the UoA in the upper quartile relative to  its peers.

100% of  our research  impact judged to be world-leading or internationally excellent in the Research Excellence Framework

People Involved

The following university staff are involved with the research activities of this Unit of Assessment and participated in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework:

People Involved
Armstrong, GA Professor Head of Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics
Ballantine, J Professor Professor of Accounting
Beamish, P Professor Professor of Management
Brown, S Professor Professor of Marketing Research
Cadden, T Dr Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Carey, M Professor Professor of Management
Cotte, J Professor Professor of Management
Fang,Y Professor Professor of Management
Gilmore, AJ Professor Professor of Services Marketing
Humphreys, PK Professor Research Institute Director - Business and Management
Hutchinson, K Dr Head of Department of Business and Enterprise
Ibbotson, PG Dr Senior Lecturer in E-Commerce
Kearney, M Mr Lecturer in Marketing
Loane, SP Dr Senior Lecturer in International Business
McAdam, R Professor Professor of Innovation Management
McCracken, MG Dr Senior Lecturer
McGowan, P Professor Professor of Entrepreneurship & Business Development
McHugh, ML Professor Dean of the Ulster Business School
McIvor, R Professor Professor of Operations Management
McKittrick, AJ Dr Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Moffett, SM Dr Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Ramsey, E Professor Professor of Business Innovation
Wall, A Mr Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Ward, A Professor Professor of Accounting
Wiengarten, F Professor Professor of Management
Wu, WP Professor Professor of Management
Yeung, A Professor Professor of Management
Zhai, J Dr Lecturer in Finance

Research Outputs

Research Environment

Research Impact Case Studies