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Service desk

Support enquiries regarding any aspect of services and facilities provided by the department.

The Service Desk is ISD's focal point for user support enquiries regarding any aspect of services and facilities provided by the department.

The Service Desk team receives enquiries and manages them to successful resolution. We also deal with service disruptions, or incidents and problems, keeping the user community informed and providing reports to the relevant University committees.

The Service Desk incorporates responsibility for information services and for liaison with ICT support staff throughout the University whenever there is a requirement to implement change at an institutional level.

How You Can Help Yourself

Time is often a critical aspect of our working day. Customers should, in the first instance, make use of the self-help Knowledge Base within the UniDesk Self-Service Portal (for access information, please see below).

You can also check the 'Frequently Asked Questions'  on this website to see if the answer to your issue is there.

We also have a range of "self help" materials available online, where we provide guides for most of the popular desktop applications.

Using the Self-Service Portal

The UniDesk Self-Service Portal allows you to:

  • view support materials in the Knowledge Base
  • track calls that you have logged with our Service Desk
  • log a call with our Service Desk for a new issue that is affecting you. (Calls logged via the Self-Service Portal are dealt with during University core hours only)

If you require more information on how to use the Unidesk Self-Service Portal, please refer to our Unidesk page, otherwise log in below using your Office 365 credentials (University email address and network password)

Sign in to the UniDesk Self Service Portal

Issues that are not resolved via the Self Service Portal, or issues deemed to be urgent, must be reported directly the ISD Service Desk (please see below).

Is there anything I can do myself before reporting the issue?

Before contacting the Service Desk

If the problem appears to be related to your machine:

  • Ensure all cables are connected correctly and restart your PC/Mac
  • Launch the application again that caused the problem

Contact Your Faculty / Departmental Technician

Faculty technical staff are responsible for maintaining the PCs and other equipment belonging to the faculty.

If your problem is with your PC, you must contact your faculty technician in the first instance.

If your technician is unable to solve the problem then they should contact the Service Desk and our technical staff will provide guidance and assistance.

What does the Service Desk need from me?

When you contact the Service Desk students will be required to furnish their 'B' code and staff will need their 'e' or 'a' code. Depending on the request, users contacting the Service Desk by telephone may be required to provide further information to verify their identity.

Sometimes it may be easier to take a screen shot of the problem e.g. if an error code is displayed.

Rather than trying to describe the fault over the phone. Y

ou can press the 'PrtScn' key at the top right of your keyboard, copy it into an email and send it to the Service Desk.

We never ask for passwords

The Service Desk will never ask you to disclose your password either over the phone or by email.

For security reasons we will not send passwords to you via email.

What happens to User Support Requests?

Staff, students and visitors whether on or off campus, can be given support by both telephone and email on a range of issues. Enquiries that are not resolved during the initial contact are logged by the Service Desk team and escalated to other sections within ISD.

We endeavour to resolve every call within an appropriate period.

Each logged call is given a unique Call ID number and the user may track the progress of their enquiry on our website via this number.

Users are contacted to ensure they are satisfied that their request has been resolved before the call is closed.

Service Interruptions

Information Services endeavours to inform its users of any interruption to services that might affect them.

Details of planned and unplanned service interruptions are published via:

Major IT-related Incidents

When an IT-related incident occurs that affects the whole University, the Service Desk will liaise with key contacts within faculties and departments to establish a co-ordinated approach to the resolution of the issue.

Updates will be provided as appropriate via

How can to contact the Service Desk?

The ISD Service Desk provides support via telephone and email. In addition to core working hours, extended support is available from 5pm to 9am Weekdays, 24-hour Weekends, Bank Holidays and all year round.

Contact the Service Desk
TelephoneEmail Out of Hours
028 9036 on of Hours Support


Important note on the ISD Twitter Channel: Please note that our Twitter account is intended to provide information such as major service announcements and generic IT advice.

It is not intended to be used to provide IT support to individual staff and students. Please contact the Service Desk as per above arrangements with all support requests.