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Some relevant previous publications

Anagnostopoulou, E., & Sevdali, C. (2015) Case alterations in Ancient Greek passives and the typology of Case. Language 91(2), 442–481.

Anagnostopoulou, E., & Sevdali, C. (2018) From lexical to dependent: the case of Greek Dative. Sherry Hucklebridge and Max Nelson (eds.) NELS 48: Proceedings of the Forty-Eighth Annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. GSLA Publications, University of Massachusetts, pp. 25–38.

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Conference presentations

October 2018: Anagnostopoulou, E., D. Mertyris & C. Sevdali “A classification of Ancient Greek three-place predicates and the structure of datives and genitives.” On the place of case in Grammar, PlaCiG . Rethymnon 18–20 October 2018

April 2018: Anagnostopoulou, E., D. Mertyris & C. Sevdali “Motivations for a new corpus-based research on Datives and Genitives in Greek.” Conference on A corpus and usage-based approach to Ancient Greek. Riga, April 12–14, 2018.

October 2017: Anagnostopoulou, E. & C. Sevdali, “From Lexical to Dependent: the case of Greek Dative.” NELS 48, University of Iceland: Reykjavik, Special Workshop on the typology of case. 27–29 October 2017.

September 2017: Anagnostopoulou, E. & C. Sevdali, “Two modes of case assignment: evidence from two stages of Greek.” 13th International conference in Greek linguistics London, 7–9 September 2017, University of Westminster.

April 2016: Anagnostopoulou, E. & C. Sevdali, “Two Modes of Dative Case Assignment: Evidence from the History of Greek.” Generative Linguistics of the Old World, GLOW 39. Göttingen.

May 2015: Anagnostopoulou, E. & C. Sevdali “Case alternations in passives and the typology of Case: a comparison between Ancient Greek and Icelandic.” 17th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference (DIGS 17) 28–31 May 2015 Reykjavik, Iceland.