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Music Taste

Extract 1 01 Bet: what sort of music do 02 you like to listen to 03 Abb: uhm: (0.5) I really like 04 (.) [seventies eighties]= 05 [((waves hands)) ]= 06 =nineties [music ] 07 Bet: [((nods))][((nods))] 08 [mmhm ]

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Wham Question

Extract 2 01 Host 1: =as many questions as we 02 can so first up we've 03 got Helen. 04 What's your question? 05 Helen: Hi, my question is to Andrew 06 ehm .pt were Wha:m->was it- 07 is it< true that Wham were 08 asked to play at Live eighT. 09 Andrew: Live eight? 10 Helen: Ye:s:, 11 Andrew: Ehm:. (0.9) I don't recall that no. 12 Host 2: There you [go. ] I [thin]k from the pause that is a= 13 Andrew: [yeah] [yeah] 14 Host 2: =[def ]in[ite no. ] 15 Andrew: [yeah] 16 Helen: [((nods)) yep.] 17 Audience: [hehehehe ] 18 Host 2: Ah okay Ruby?

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AOC and MZ Lack of Uhm

Extract 3 01 AOC: Ehm eh- you announced 02 recently that the official 03 policy of Fa:ceboo:k now 04 allows politicians to pay to 05 spread disinforma:tion. 06 ehm in twenty twenty elections 07 and in the future:. So I 08 just wanna know how fa:r 09 I can push this, um in the 10 next year. Under your 11 policy:, >you know< using 12 census data as well. Could I pay to target predominantly 13 black zip codes and advertise them the incorrect election date? 14 Mark: No Congresswoman you couldn't.

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AOC and MZ Uhm

Extract 4 01 AOC: Ques:tion=one more question. 02 In your ongoing dinner parties 03 with far right figures some 04 of who advance the conspiracy 05 theory that white supremacy 06 is a ho:ax, did you discuss 07 so called social media bias 08 against conservatives and do 09 you believe there is a bias? 10 Mark: (1.1) Ah Congresswoman (1.2) 11 ah:m (1.2) >sorry I don't 12 remember everything that was 13 in the sente-[in=in the question you asked] 14 AOC: [.hhh that's alright ] I'll move on.