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Like Tolkien

Extract 1 01 Bri: >so I'm like a <hu:ge> Tolkien n[erd ]= 02 Al: [((nods and smiles))]= 03 =[<yeah> ] 04 =[((nods))] [((continues nodding))]=

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Extract 2 01 Katrina: Like (.) she was never one for kids 02 Laura: N::o she wasn't. 03 Katrina: sh::e was like (.) the tom boy of the group (.) never 04 wanted kids didn't want (0.3) anything

Wrestler Road Trip Pins and Needles YouTube thumbnail image for Wrestler Road Trip Pins and Needles

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Wrestler Road Trip Pins and Needles

Extract 3 01 Tyler: I'd wake up, my leg's asleep >and I'm waking it up< it's all 02 like hur-hurting pins and needles,

Imprecision Likes

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Ice Cream Cake

Extract 4 01 *DRA: I shouldn't blow this out. (.) Dad do you wanna try for me? 02 (0.7) 03 *KEV: OHHH[: gro::ss that's nasty] 04 *MAR: [ OH:::: Gro:][: :: ]ss 05 *KEV: [hah hah] 06 *WEN: [what ] 07 *KEV: cause she has a co:ld. 08 *KEV: [she's gonna] b:low it all [over the] cake 09 *WEN: [huh hh ] 10 [hah:: ] 11 *DRA: [hah][hah][hah hah] 12 *MAR: [heh] 13 *KEN: [hah] 14 *KEV: [gross ] 15 *DRA: well plus that it's gonna take me like like eight years to blow 16 these [ou:t ] 17 *KEV: [just use a] fil[ter] 18 *WEN: [.hh] let's everybody [ r:]eady?

I don't know why I bother YouTube thumbnail image for I don't know why I bother

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I don't know why I bother

Extract 5 01 *KIT: um (.) Sabrina did you ever give that (.) that card to um (.) 02 >Country Gen[tleman<] 03 *GEM: [ (XX]X) 04 *SAB: no but we got a new ont that we gave there 05 (1.2) 06 *KIT: you mean that one that I made didn't- wasn't good enough? 07 (0.6) 08 *SAB: no (0.4) we had already given like three (.) to them already.

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Extract 6 01 Bet: you gotta tell them to show you were all the good bars are 02 though 03 Abb: [mhm ] 04 [((nods))] 05 Bet: cos >I don't know that many< cos I'm a first 06 [year ] 07 Abb: [((nods))] 08 Bet: I've only been here for like fou:r (.) five months so, 09 Abb: mm hm

She Lives in the Falls YouTube thumbnail image for She Lives in the Falls

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She Lives in the Falls

Extract 7 01 Katrina: she lives in the Falls= 02 Natalie: =does sha? 03 Katrina: yeah:. she li:ves e[hm::] 04 Natalie: [(X) ] 05 Katrina: cuz she lives like two doors up from Sarah 06 (1.0) 07 Katrina: Sarah turns around and says to me last night ehm:: 08 (3.0) that's my next door neighbor?

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3 in the Morning

Extract 8 01 James: =yeah man I was (.) well no >I heard it< (.) when I was go- 02 (.) 'cause well I've been going to bed really early like 03 half ten or eleven o'clock every night but (.) >I heard it 04 outside and was like ye:p< (.) I'm so glad I'm in my bed. 05 (2.0) 06 Nicky: I'm not sleepin' until like three in the morning like every 07 night,

Quotative Likes

Good Cop Bad Cop YouTube thumbnail image for Good Cop Bad Cop

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Good Cop Bad Cop

Extract 9 01 LAU: [i was ] the good cop, 02 TAL: [alright.] 03 SAM: i was the bad cop. 04 DM: [heh heh heh heh ] heh heh [heh ] 05 LAU: [yeah. and we got] [hard] Information from the:m, and 06 [then p-] 07 SAM: [you're ] not leaving [here] without telling us the truth. 08 LAU: [yeah.] 09 LAU: yeah and i was like don't worry, she won't hurt you, i'll 10 be [really goo:d.] 11 SAM: [a:gh ] i'm crazy. [i might hurt you. ] 12 LAU: [yeah. and then they just] 13 FESSED up to everything and they were like WE'RE A 14 FIEND and she was like i'm a little gi:rl. 15 SAM: yeah, it was [crazy.] 16 LAU: [that ] was how it went. 17 SAM: she confessed to bei(h)ng a li(h)tt(h)le gi(h)rl. 18 MANY: ((laughter))

Is this the troubles YouTube thumbnail image for Is this the troubles

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Is this the troubles

Extract 10 01 DEAN: and u:h the cop's like if you don't shut up we'll: (0.7) 02 arrest you as well >or whatever<. (1.0) >it was all< 03 kicking off, s'a crowd of people watching, just getting their 04 phones out, and taking pho(h)to(h)s, so i was like watching 05 >cause i didn't wanna walk< past, (0.3) until it was all done 06 and dusted. (0.3) and this girl on a bike pulled (0.3) beside 07 me, and (.) >she was like< what's going on? and she was- she 08 was norwegian. (0.5) and £sh(h)e was like is this- is this 09 the trou(h)bles. (0.3) .hh hih >i was like< know what it is: 10 (0.5) either drunk people? or a crackdown on drugs. 11 SHANE: heh heh heh

Pint on Tuesday Night YouTube thumbnail image for Pint on Tuesday Night

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Pint on Tuesday Night

Extract 11 01 HENRY: chl[oe? ] 02 DEAN: [well] me and chloe were gonna go to the cinema? jus: (.) 03 go to the cinema every so often. (0.3) and the:n (0.5) >he 04 said we were allowed to go for a pint<, on tuesday night, >and 05 i was like< (0.3) awright. and then you were >taking to me< 06 yesterday,

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Extract 12 01 DEAN: she said she was over here for work. (0.5) >i was like< oh 02 yeah? well (0.5) can i guess where you work? (0.8) >she's 03 like< (0.3) okay, have a guess. >i was like< do you work at 04 concentrix? (0.8) and >she's like< (.) how did you know? and 05 >i was like< 06 (0.3) 07 DEAN: [how- ] 08 HENRY: [£you're] norwegian. of course you work in concen[trix.£] 09 DEAN: [y'know]

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I was so drunk

Extract 13 01 DEAN: .tsk she ran over >to me,< and was like (.) so did you get 02 home okay, >or did you have a< good night that night? >and i 03 was like< a:w i was very drunk. (1.3) >i was like< did you 04 get home okay? cause (.) it pretty: (0.3) pretty hairy, and 05 (0.8) >she was like< yeah i did. yeah, yeah. and this is 06 just >how bad it is.< in my hea:d (0.3) >i was just li:ke< 07 £i've forgotten your name. cause i was so drunk that 08 nigh(h)t.£

I thought she was American YouTube thumbnail image for I thought she was American

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I thought she was American

Extract 14 01 DEAN: a bit [sketchy. ] 02 SHANE: [>is he the] one< with the really tall blonde 03 girlfriend? 04 DEAN: yeah. 05 SHANE: i'd [love it. ] 06 DEAN: [she's ca:]lled emily. (0.5) 07 SHANE: his girlfriend's right on. [she's f::it. ] 08 DEAN: [she's dead on. >she was-<] she- 09 sh- s- s- (0.3) the way she was talking i thought she was 10 american, 11 (0.5) 12 >i was like< where are you from? [>and she was like<]= 13 SHANE: [from like ] 14 banbridge. 15 DEAN: ba(h)nbri(h)dge. >and i was like< aww i (was >just 16 joking<). 17 HENRY: .hh hih 18 SHANE: hah hah 19 (0.3) 20 SHANE: fair enough.

Simile Likes

They're Like Socks YouTube thumbnail image for They're Like Socks

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They're Like Socks

Extract 15 01 Katrina: They're like socks 02 Laura: 'Hat's not them ones that have like your (.) 03 to:es 04 Natalie: Yeah. 05 Laura: Yeh

They're Like Gloves YouTube thumbnail image for They're Like Gloves

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They're Like Gloves

Extract 16 01 Katrina: Ye(hh)ah ah hhhh hhh hh 02 Laura: They're like gloves 03 Katrina: Why would ya? 04 Natalie: Yeah:

Like Ricky Martin YouTube thumbnail image for Like Ricky Martin

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Like Ricky Martin

Extract 17 01 Dave: >We were just no we were just< .hh y'know dancing in 02 the rain haha wrestling in the rain haha ha (.) 03 Leigh: Sure [that's ] 04 Nicky: [Uber gay] 05 Leigh: Sure that'll sneak up rightly on yourself you know people 06 dancing in the rain, 07 Dave: What like Ricky Martin 08 Leigh: Yep