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Welcome to our Video Library, which contains short 'walk through' videos of some of the main IT services we provide to students.

Banner - Student Information System

This clip will show you how to access your Banner Student Record through the Student Portal where you can find information relating to your studies, such as your email address and initial network password.

You can also check your registration status (which affects your access to Blackboard).

If you don't know your log in credentials for the Student Portal, please visit the Banner - Student Information System page for advice.

Network Password

Using the Password Kiosks or the Online Password Changer to reset your network password.

This password is  used to access services such as Portal, Email, eduroam WiFi and Student Workstations.

Student Portal

Accessing the Portal, with a walk through of the main services and information online for students.

This includes the Student Administration, Library & IT and free software sections.