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Can you extend the time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this due to cybersecurity risk. In order to keep you and your account data safe, we are unable to keep accounts open beyond the date advised.

Can I pay to keep my account open?

Unfortunately, this is not an option we are able to offer.

I have important emails and contacts in this account, can you advise how I move everything to another account in time?

We acknowledge that you may have important emails, attachments and contacts in this account that you would like to keep.

We suggest that you forward any emails for retention to your other email account, but please do so in good time prior to the closure date.

Once accounts are closed we are not able to retrieve information from them.

Digital services staff cannot assist you in moving your data but we have provided some guidance on how to back up your University data.

I have bought software licenses that are associated with this account and will now lose the money and software. What do I do?

Please contact the vendors of any software license and have them update your email address. Usually you can do this yourself on their website.