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Service Description

The University, in co-operation with Microsoft, provides a web-based email service to all students. When you register with the University, you will be issued with an email account on Microsoft's Live environment.

A corresponding Ulster University email address will be provided and will have the form:

Further information on student email is available from the Student Section of the website.

Business Process

  • Central Authentication Service (CAS) creates a secure way for users to access multiple services with a single sign-on.
  • Identity Management solutions are deeply embedded within university business processes. When new students or staff join the University or when roles change, staff react immediately (updating AD/SD) to enable access to new resources. Tight integration with other enterprise systems ensures that these changes happen in a timely manner.

Supporting Materials

How to obtain help

Contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk.


Enrolled students

Service Owner

ICT Application Delivery