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Service Description

ICTCS, in collaboration with Academic Registry /Examinations Office, provide and support PC systems for University examinations. 
This information outlines how Digital Services supports Examinations PC systems.

ICT Customer Services are responsible for the supply, deployment, testing, pre-exam checking and post-exam recovery of PCs.

An Examinations PC system incorporates a processor, screen, keyboard and mouse configured with a Microsoft operating system and the current desktop standard version of Microsoft Office.

The computer system is not networked and a printer is locally attached for the production of a printed exam script.

Business Process

  • Requests for examination PC support must be logged via the Digital Services IT Service Desk (see below) at least 10 working days prior to the first examination. One call per campus is required.
  • "Non-Standard" configuration requirements (e.g. assistive software) must be clearly stated well in advance to Digital Services so that appropriate installation and configuration arrangements can be made.
  • The Disability Advisor must liaise with the associated Course Director and the local Student Administration Examinations Office.
  • Student Administration are responsible for initiating the associated support call with the Digital Services IT Service Desk.
  • ICT Customer Services campus teams will act upon the Service Desk call, referring to the associated ICTCS business process support document and manage the activity elements via the Digital Services IT Service Desk.
  • An internal business process is available to staff in the Student Administration and other University departments. This can be obtained via the Service Desk (see below)

Supporting Materials

Student Support has produced a student guideline document for students and invigilators "Essential Information for Candidates Using a University Computer for Examinations/Class Tests" .

An internal Digital Services business process is available to staff in Student Administration, Student Support and other University departments. This can be obtained via the Service Desk (see below).

How to obtain help

How to contact the Service Desk

You can also Live Chat with a Service Desk team member. When a team member is available you will see a button on the bottom right of this screen. If the button is not visible, you can still contact us via the methods above.

Service Desk Hours

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1.30pm – 5pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays

Service Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

  • ICT Customer Services follow a counterpart internal business process relating to examinations PC support covering the configuration, deployment, support and checking of the computer systems as well as management of the activity elements via the Digital Services IT Service Desk.
  • Academic Registry /Examinations Office personnel must notify the Digital Services IT Service Desk of issues encountered.


This service is available for students who require a PC system for examinations purposes.

Students who require such support must contact the local campus Disability Advisor in the Student Support department.

Student Wellbeing will liaise with Student Administration and Digital Services on behalf of the student (see the Business Process)

Service Owner

The Service is owned by:

  • ICT Customer Services
  • The Director of Student Administration - Academic Registry /Examinations Office
  • Student Support (Disability Services) department