AV/Media Service

Fixed and portable AV/Media Technology facilities are available in teaching and learning spaces.

Service Description

Digital Services support teaching and learning throughout the University by providing fixed and portable AV/Media Technology facilities in centrally bookable teaching and learning spaces throughout our four campuses.

Over 80% of the rooms we support have fixed facilities; we can provide portable AV/Media equipment to the remainder ensuring their setup adheres to health and safety regulations.

Learning spaces have, as a minimum:

  • Data Projector or Display Screen
  • Fixed pc with access to teaching technologies including Panopto and TurningPoint
  • HDMI for connection of laptops
  • Control panel to switch input and control audio playback levels
  • Audio playback  through ceiling speakers or in-built within screens
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse for added flexibility

Please note fixed microphones for audio amplification and secondary microphones for Audio Capture are available as default in larger spaces only.  Please refer to our Fixed IT and audiovisual equipment list to find rooms with Audio amplification microphones and Audio Capture microphones.

Business Process

For more information on how to book technical support, or additional portable equipment, please refer to: AV/Media Bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between audio amplification microphones and audio capture microphones?

    Audio amplification microphones are connected to amplifiers and speakers within large teaching spaces to amplify the voice of the speaker within the room. The type of the microphone may be lectern, boundary, wireless lapel . Due to COVID wireless lapels are not currently in use.

    Audio capture microphones are connected to a teaching room pc so that the software in use on the pc can detect audio from the speaker. These microphones do not amplify the level of the speakers voice within the room. The type of microphone in use are USB boundary. Please note there is a huge range of microphones which are suitable for different room sizes, infrastructure, teaching style and therefore there is no ideal solution, however, Digital Services can provide a USB boundary microphone and working in conjunction with ODL can make recommendations for alternatives where required.

    Please note that a laptop has an inbuilt camera and microphone and therefore will only require software installed to allow for audio and video capture over presentation.

Supporting Materials

For a general overview of the technology within teaching rooms please refer to the guides below.

Each semester, ICT Customer Services and Support offer tailored training to staff either on an individual basis or it can be arranged for groups.

This typically includes basic functions of technologies within lecture theatres and teaching rooms which supports our customers in delivering presentations and using Fixed IT and audiovisual equipment with greater confidence.

These sessions are advertised via our  Digital Services Events page, an all-staff email or through out Twitter feed @UlsterUniDS. Should you require training in any of our facilities outside of the scheduled training sessions, please contact our Service Desk.

Teaching room technology guides

How to obtain help

How to contact the Service Desk

Service Desk Hours

Semester 1 and 2

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1pm – 5pm

All other times except extended closure

Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays


There is no cost associated with the AV/Media loans service in support of teaching and learning.

If equipment and/or support is required for an external event or conference, charges will be incurred, see separate catalogue entry on Event Support.


All staff of the University

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services