Staff IT accounts are disabled, pending deletion, upon the leaver date. It is the responsibility of the staff member to have considered the Business Continuity aspects of the IT account closure in advance.

Business Continuity actions

If you are leaving the University, prior to your departure you are responsible for ensuring that University related emails are re-directed to an appropriate person for business continuity. You should also inform personal contacts of the change in your contact details. Digital Services also recommends the use of an ‘Out of Office’ auto-reply to assist in this.

A suggested text for this Out-of-Office is as below:

Please note I am no longer an employee of the Ulster University as of xx/xx/xx. For University-related business, please contact [University contact details as appropriate]. For all other issues, please contact me at the following email address: [Personal Email Address]

Other IT-related Business Continuity actions to consider may include:

  • Processing of outstanding claims (Car Mileage and Prior Approvals)
  • The redirection of any generic email aliases that may point to your staff mailbox
  • Identify any business information to pass to a colleague, and identify personally owned data.
  • Arrangements related to the return of any University-owned equipment (e.g. Laptops, SRAS 2-Factor tokens etc.)

We would advise these actions are considered as good practice and should be invoked as early in your period of notice as possible.

Important note: It is your responsibility as a staff leaver to have completed all business continuity actions before your leaving date, since mailbox access will be automatically revoked at end of business on this date.

Requested Extension to Staff Account

Staff members with 'e-codes' (e.g. e101234) who are due to leave the University can, with the agreement of their line manager, request a maximum of one month extension of their e-code, for Business Continuity purposes. If you wish to make such a request, this should be sent by your line manager in an email to the -  indicating their support for such a request.

If the extension required is for a period longer than one month, then you should liaise with your line manager and your Faculty/Departmental RAD Authoriser to have an associate record created and authorised, in order for your account to be renamed to the associate 'a-code' which you may retain for an agreed period.

Requested Extension to Associate Account

Associate accounts are reviewed regularly by Digital Services in conjunction with RAD Authorisers, to comply with IT Audit requirements. Once the leaver date has expired, the account will be disabled pending deletion. You will be alerted 7 days before the account is disabled that it is about to expire. To ensure your continued access (if agreed), you should liaise with your line manager and your Faculty/Departmental RAD Authoriser to agree your IT account status. If your leaver date is not to be extended, you should complete the Business Continuity steps before that date.