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Delegated Mailboxes are used to provide access to a shared mailbox by authorised users within a team such as Registry Offices, etc.

If you have been authorised to access a delegated mailbox, but your copy of Outlook does not currently have it configured to be visible within your Folder List already, then please follow these instructions to add it.

Outlook instructions

Within Outlook, select 'File' and 'Info' from the menu bar.

Select the 'Account Settings' option, and then select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.

This will open the 'E-mail Accounts' dialogue box, on the 'Email’' tab. Highlight your account name and select 'Change'.

This will open the 'Change Account' dialogue. Select 'More Settings'.

On the 'Microsoft Exchange' dialogue box, select the 'Advanced' tab.

Select 'Add' and type the display name of the delegated mailbox you have been authorised to access. If you do not know this, check the display name on a colleague's PC who has access already. If you do not type the display name exactly, the system may provide suggested names.

Once the delegated mailbox is found and added, select 'OK', then follow through the remaining dialogue boxes by selecting 'Next', 'Finish' and 'Close'.

You should now be able to see and access the Delegated Mailbox on your Outlook Folder List.

You will see its folders by clicking on it to expand it.


However, you may see the error below when you try to expand the folder:

If this continues to occur after a reboot of your PC, this means you have not been authorised to access that Delegated Mailbox.

A request for permission to access the mailbox must be received via email only to the Service Desk, with your request supported by the mailbox’s ‘recognised authority’ (normally your line manager or your business area member of staff responsible for the original setup request and continued usage of the Delegated Mailbox).

If you believe you should have access already and you encounter difficulties with this process, please contact the Service Desk who will advise you further.

Further information

For further information on Delegate Mailboxes and how to request a new one, please see the following Email Alias and Delegate Mailbox.