Checks that you can undertake yourself

When you attempt to upload a document via the UPLOAD DOCUMENT facility, your system is unresponsive and does not open the ‘pop-up window’ in order to allow this to occur (see the image at the bottom of the screen).

If you experience this issue, there are checks that you can undertake. The following advice is provided on websites external to Ulster University:

If the above checks do not resolve the issue on your device, in order to submit your application, you could attempt to try this using another device, preferably using a different internet connection, if available.

This could help to rule out a specific issue with your internet and/or device configuration.

If you have checked the above and it still is not working

Please Contact the Service Desk explaining your issue and including the following information (if possible):

  • Operating System;
  • Web browser and Version;
  • Any security software installed;
  • The location of the issue -  was this at work or home?
  • A synopsis of the issues (ideally a screen shot, if possible).
  • Any alternate contact or availability details which may assist our ability to contact you to help resolve the issue.

This email will then be referred to the relevant support staff who will contact you to assist further.


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