Financing Your Studies

Studentships (Scholarships)

Ulster is proud to be able to regularly offer studentships to applicants from across the globe.  These studentships generally pay full tuition fees and provide a tax-free maintenance grant of over £15,000 per year.

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Our main studentship period begins in late December and runs to late February each year, during which time there are hundreds of projects advertised with dozens of funding opportunities available.   Further information will be on the link above during these times.

International Researchers - Upfront costs

The visa process for overseas applicants can be expensive so it is worthwhile taking this into account when you are considering your studies here.  There would be visa application fees and IHS costs for accessing our National Health Service which are both due when you apply for a visa.  If you were awarded a studentship from us, the studentship does not cover these costs.

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Cost of Living

Northern Ireland is one of the most affordable regions in the UK to live, work and study.  Below is an idea of the weekly expenses you might expect:

University Accommodation*

From £70*




Included in University accommodation costs

General expenses (socialising/etc.)




*Off-campus private accommodation in the nearby area will also be available but please budget for paying several months’ rent plus deposit in advance.  We recommend that international researchers, in particular, arrange on-campus accommodation when they initially arrive.

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