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As part of the routine maintenance for the Test of Competence (ToC), we work closely with the NMC and their test development partner to regularly review and refresh the test content to ensure it is reflective of clinical practice, retire stations that have been in circulation for some time and introduce new skills that candidates may face in clinical practice.

From the 14 November 2022, we’ll introduce a selection of new scenarios and skills for the nursing OSCE and all test centres are in the process of publishing a suite of support and preparation materials for candidates and those delivering preparation and support programmes.

The updated support materials will include new station timings and the marking criteria for these stations which will aid candidate preparation and support. There are no changes to the number of stations candidates will be asked to sit, however they may be presented with a different clinical scenario or skill which other candidates may not have experienced.

Candidates who are ready to practice in the UK and meet the standards set out in the NMC Code should be confident of passing these stations.