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STAT doses of regular medication

Dear Colleagues

We would like to draw your attention to the potential for candidates to be required to administer STAT doses of regular medication.

These STAT doses are required as the patient may not have been able to take their regular medication at their usual prescribed time.

An example is the patient is prescribed regular morning medication but is admitted after the time they would normally take these (and have not yet had them).

They are then prescribed STAT doses in order to receive that medication. In the regular medication section for that morning, they will not appear as administered as the person was not there for this to happen (hence the STAT doses required).

We are seeing candidates being confused by this.

The expectation is that they would administer the STAT doses and the patient would resume getting these medications through the regular prescription thereafter.

We also recommend that candidates familiarise themselves with the medication prescription chart on the online materials for the mock OSCE so that they are comfortable with the structure/format.

We hope this feedback is helpful in supporting your candidate preparation for testing under the new Test of Competence.

Kind Regards

Ulster CTC Team