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Dear Colleague

You will be aware that the Test of Competence 21 is being introduced in August 2021.

The existing Test of Competence will continue to be used for some time to allow candidates who have started their assessment under that route to complete their test.

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the test, some updates have been made to the Part 2 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): - new scenarios and skills will be introduced from Monday 14th June.

The following new materials will be introduced:

  • Adult nursing scenario (APIE): Fall and fracture
  • Children’s nursing scenario (APIE): Post-tonsillectomy bleed
  • Midwifery scenario (APIE): Post-natal visit
  • Adult nursing skill station: Fine bore nasogastric tube insertion
  • Adult nursing skill station: Visual infusion phlebitis (VIP) assessment and intravenous cannula flush
  • Adult nursing skill station: Pressure ulcer assessment

We are pleased to let you know that test supporting materials have been updated by all three test centres.

Updates have been made to:

  • Adult nursing marking criteria: - to include marking criteria for the three new skills stations
  • Candidate information booklet: - to include information about the three new skills stations

There are also two new forms which you may want to refer to which are available in the documents sections on the test centre websites.

Please note that the pressure ulcer assessment marking criteria does not follow the evidence set out in the Royal Marsden.  For this station you should refer to the evidence base given here:

The test supporting materials are available on via Blackboard Learn or CTC Webpage.

We review these documents regularly, so please check to ensure you are using the latest version.

Ulster CTC Team