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Dear Colleagues

Actors returning and changes to Assessment and Physiological observation stations

Actors will be returning to the OSCE exam from 02 August 2021 for all scenarios. Therefore the patient's temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration will be taken physically as pre-Covid19. There will no longer be a flashcard used in the Assessment and/or Physiological observation stations.

The timings of the stations will revert back to the original 15 minutes.

In addition to this, to manage safety and risk, Actors will be wearing PPE throughout the exam, and candidates will need to wear full level 1 PPE - mask, apron and gloves.

Please note: Candidates who sat their exam before the 2nd August and are due to resit the assessment station, will undertake the resit under the same conditions as their first attempt.

In-Hospital Resuscitation (IHR) station returning

The Adult Nursing In-Hospital Resuscitation (IHR) station will be returning from 02 August 2021. You will not be required to undertake any ventilations, but will be expected to verbalise what you would do instead'

The timing of this station will revert back to the original 8 minutes.

Kind Regards

CTC Team