NMC Competence Test Centre (CTC)

NMC Competence Test Centre (CTC) @ Magee

Ulster University offers the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) part 2 of the Nursing Midwifery Council’s Test of Competence for nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

This test is for nurses, midwives and nursing associates who want to register and work in the UK.

Information on how to register can be found on the NMC Website

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Ulster CTC Communication - 2nd December 2021

   3 December 2021

Communication to candidates and Trust/Agencies

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In this Section

OSCE Booking & Costs

Information about booking and costs of a full OSCE test, how to reschedule and booking resits.

Preparing for the OSCE

Prepare for the OSCE exam, access learning resources and exam help information.

The OSCE  Exam Process

The OSCE examination consists of six stations, two assessing skills and four assessing the patient journey. 

OSCE Information for Trusts & Agencies

Information for NHS Trusts and agencies on how to prepare your candidates, costs of the test and how to book.

About the NMC Competence Test Centre

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced a Test of Competence for internationally registered nurses and midwives in October 2014.