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Dear Colleague,

We have added some new ToC support materials on our website (14 June 2021):

  • You will now be able to find an illustrated equipment list in line with requirements for both the new ‘refresh’ content being introduced for the current test as of 14 June as well as the new Test of Competence 2021. Each list covers all nursing fields as well as midwifery. Please click on the relevant ToC support materials link to access these.

We have also made some minor changes to some of the new ToC 2021 support materials, these have also been republished today (14 June 2021):

  • We have updated the red flags on the marking criteria for the Test of Competence 2021: Red flags have now been added for all APIE stations and for some of the skills stations. Red flags indicate any behaviour that is demonstrated during the OSCE that would be considered as unsafe or unacceptable. This would lead to an automatic fail of this station, irrespective of other performance demonstrated in that station.
  • In addition, some of the timings of the mock OSCEs have been updated.

Please make sure you are using the most up-to-date versions when preparing for your test.

Kind Regards

CTC Team