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Service Description

Student network accounts are created for all students studying on a course on one of the four main campuses, and are maintained in a single student directory service providing authenticated access to SITL desktop, wireless and online services such as Blackboard Learn, Library catalog, Athens and the Student online Portal.

In addition, students are allocated an Office 365 email account and associated OneDrive online data storage service. Students may use their accounts as long as they are registered for their course of study. Access is removed when they leave. The exception to this is the Office 365 email account and OneDrive allocation which remain live after students leave.

Network accounts are managed according to registration status and are created when students are eligible to enrol. During the account lifecycle, access is suspended in cases where there are Fees or disciplinary issues, but re-established once resolved.

A self service online password change facility is available for forgotten passwords, or if they simply wish to change it. Passwords may also be changed during logged in sessions at the SITL desktop, or via a kiosk situated at the campus Library.

This is based upon the Policy Implementation Framework

Business Process

Student network account details are obtained during initial online enrolment and may also be accessed via the student kiosk.

Supporting materials

Information for students

How to obtain help

The Service Desk will provide support to those unable to avail of it through the Service Catalog Entry and self help resources

Contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk

Service Desk Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

  • Network accounts should be provisioned within one working day of first appearing as eligible students in student registry database for the current academic year
  • Network accounts which are suspended will be re-activated within 3 hours once cause has been satisfactorily resolved
  • Office 365 email accounts and OneDrive online storage will remain active, once provisioned. These services will remain active after students leave.


All students eligible to enrol on a course of study at one of the four main campuses.

Service Owner

ICT Infrastructure