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Service Description

Digital Services provide "Best Effort" assistance for staff, students or visitors who are experiencing wireless connectivity problems on their personal laptop or netbook.

As well as providing networked PCs in our Libraries and IT Labs across all campuses, we recognise that our users sometimes prefer to use their own portable equipment in our locations.

Business Process

If you are experiencing difficulties with your wireless connection, in the first instance seek advice from the Information Point in the Library at your campus. Digital Services staff will check passwords and ensure that you are provided with a set up guide for their particular operating system, if applicable.

They can also provide information for you to help self check your equipment.

If all suggestions have been followed and the problem still exists, we advise users to log a service desk call and a member of staff on your specific campus will contact you.  When contacted, if a quick fix is not obvious, our 2nd line support staff may ask you to complete a disclaimer form as they will be working with non-university equipment.

The form will be discussed with you and if acceptable, signed and returned to Digital Services staff prior to any work being carried out.

The form will be kept for Digital Services records.

The main focus of our wireless support is to cover issues that users have with their wireless configuration on laptops and netbooks. No other support to personal devices will be undertaken, these must be referred to your supplier or manufacturer. This includes support for Blackberries and other similar devices.

Laptops and netbooks will not be kept overnight by ICTCS staff, so support may stretch over a few days and best endeavours will be made to sort the problem. Should demand be high, wireless clinic sessions will be set up and advertised at each campus to assist users. This may be at the start of academic year when a high number of new users arrive at our campuses and require to reconfigure their personal equipment for our wireless setup.

Whether organised in an adhoc fashion or through an advertised clinic, users will be kept informed via the service desk call logged on their behalf.

Supporting Materials

Further information about wireless services at the University can be obtained at the following link: Wireless Service

How to obtain help

For help and advice, contact the Information Point in the Library on your campus. If the wireless query is more detailed, you will be advised to Contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk. A member of staff from your campus will contact you.

Cost (where applicable)

No cost for this service applies.


Staff, students and visitors within the University.

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services