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If you have any questions, the Doctoral College Team is here to help.

Next steps for enrolling

1 - Upload your photo for your ID card

Your student ID card will be posted to your term address.

You must:

  • upload a profile photo using our upload service
  • ensure your term address is correct when you complete on-line enrolment

Note: Your ID will be posted to you during this Covid period.

2 - Submit pre-enrolment documents

Before you can enrol online you must email the following:

3 - Enrol online

You can now enrol online if you have sent us your pre-enrolment documentation

You'll need your:

  • ID number (e.g. B00123456)
  • PIN (personal identification number) - a six digit number incorporating your date of birth in the format ddmmyy.

Click for further guidance on online enrolment

4 - Attend a document check meeting

Once you have enrolled online you will be invited to attend a MS Teams meeting to check your documents. This will take place in mid-January and will allow you to complete registration.

You will be asked to show a number of documents and we will take a screenshot record of these on the call.

For UK, GB and EU students

You'll need to show:

  1. Photographic ID - a passport or driving licence
  2. documentary evidence of your primary degree and any other postgraduate degrees - your  original degree certificates, or transcripts if your degree certificate unavailable
  3. evidence of completion of Masters Degree (if applicable)

Note: if you are still registered on your Masters programme, you will need to provide formal notification from your course director that you have submitted all coursework and assessments.

For International students

You'll need to show:

  1. Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) - if you have received this
  2. temporary vignette in passport - this is the temporary visa under which you entered the UK
  3. evidence of date of arrival in UK - if you entered the UK through the eGates or do not have an entry stamp in your passport, please provide boarding pass or travel ticket)

Induction events

These will be communicated at a later date.

Get set up for remote learning

Once you have enrolled check you have access to suitable technology to learn remotely.

You can also:

Our digital experience section has more information on digital learning.