Geography and Environmental Sciences

The School of GES comprises members of academic staff, post-doctoral research fellows and postgraduate researchers. We are located in Block G of the Coleraine campus.

We carry out a wide range of research on geographical and environmental subjects, ranging from physical processes to biological and social topics. There are regular meetings of the School Board throughout the year that you are welcome to attend (typically held in March, June and October).

In addition, GES interests are reflected in a series of seminars that run each semester. These include guest speakers, GES staff, and postgraduate researchers, and you should attend all of them. You are also welcome to propose speakers relevant to your subject area.

Seminars are held in G1117 (Coastal Seminar Room) unless otherwise specified, and a schedule of upcoming seminars can be found on the School SharePoint site. PhD researchers, in common with all staff, are also regularly alerted to research and funding opportunities via email.

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Geography and Environmental Sciences Research

Addressing regional and international challenges and impacts in the 21st Century.