Framework for Distance Research Study


At least two Ulster University supervisor(s) will be appointed for all PhD Researchers and supervision will normally only be approved by the University for those projects where there is existing research expertise at the University. In addition, external supervisor(s) may be added to the supervisory team and PhD Researchers studying at ‘distance’, in particular, may find this useful.

The schedule of supervisory contact for those studying at distance must be comparable in terms of substance and frequency of contact with what would normally be expected of PhD Researchers in attendance at Ulster University, albeit that such contact will be carried out via video conferencing, email communication or Skype.

Registration and Progress

Successful applicants will be registered on a part-time basis for the programme of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and will be subject to the University’s regulations for PhD.

If approved for study under this Framework, successful applicants must attend the University in person to register.

With regards to monitoring progress, all PhD Researchers are required to undertake various interim assessments throughout the duration of their programme. Those approved for study under this Framework may undertake these interim assessments via video conferencing where necessary and with agreement of the Research Director.

We recommend that ‘distance’ PhD Researchers aim to attend Ulster for a study visit at least once during their period of study, by arrangement with supervisors.

The Research Director will undertake to make study space available during any such visit.


Examination procedures are as authorised in the regulations for the degree of PhD.

The oral examination will be held at one of the campuses of Ulster University and must be attended in person.

Video conferencing for the oral examination will not be permitted, except under exceptional circumstances and in line with the regulations for PhD.