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Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

Local control of the natural ventilation is provided throughout the Belfast Campus by way of a user control panel.  This panel can be used to adjust the amount of natural air flow into a space.

A key design principle of the Belfast campus includes energy efficient ventilation which automatically adjusts as dictated by room temperature, CO2, room occupancy and time schedules.

  • Fresh ventilation is provided across all Belfast campus blocks with no recirculation of air from one room or space to another.
  • The ventilation system will automatically adjust depending on several parameters (room temperature, occupied hours, external temperature, wind speed and direction, internal CO2 levels and external CO2 levels).
Auto Ventilation (BC)

Auto Ventilation (BC)

  • Rooms with auto ventilation do not have an ‘Open’ / ‘Close’ switch beside the ventilation panels.
  • Enable ventilation by pressing the top left button on the control panel, labelled as ‘BOOST’ on the image.
  • When the BOOST button is pressed, it provides 1-hour of boosted air flow in the room. The screen will then become back lit, and the fan symbol will show.

Mechanical Ventilation (Block BD)

Rooms with mechanical ventilation are recognisable by a single ‘Open / Close’ ventilation switch next to slatted ventilation panels on the wall.

  • Once the switch has been pressed at the bottom (‘Open’), the mechanical ventilation system will begin to circulate fresh air through the room.
  • Turn off by pressing the top of the switch (‘Close’).

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BREEAM Case Study Blocks BC and BD

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