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The kitchen areas across Belfast campus Block BC and Block BD are fitted with Quooker (Boil) Taps.  They replace the need for kettles in the kitchens and provide you with instant boiling water.

The ‘push and turn’ handle is the textured steel disc at the base of the tap. Once this is pressed downwards, a red light will be displayed to indicate that you are activating the boil mechanism.

Tap, Tap, Twist

Tap, Tap, Twist

  • Tap the ‘push and turn’ handle downwards twice and on the second tap, twist anti-clockwise until the tap locks.
  • Boiling water will start to run from the spout.
  • To turn the boiling water off, twist the disc anti clockwise to unlock – the red light will stay on for 3 seconds.

The Quooker Fusion