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The role of Health and Safety Coordinator is to help the Head of School / RI Director / Head of Department to manage health and safety within their area.

Health and Safety Coordinator Duties

Under the direction of the Head of School / RI Director / Head of Department the Health and Safety Co-ordinators will:

  1. Work with the Head of School / RI Director / Head of Department to:
    • Agree a health and safety plan for your area at the start of each academic year and assist with the implementation of the plan during the year
    • Draw up a training matrix for the staff in your area and review it annually
    • Complete the annual health and safety checklist and report for the relevant faculty or campus committee
    • Prepare for the area to have a health and safety audit once every 3 years
    • Develop local health and safety procedures;
    • Deal effectively with health and safety problems as they arise or refer on to Health and Safety Services for advice if a problem is complex or urgent
  2. Provide advice to staff, students and others regarding health and safety
  3. Communicate health and safety information and reports to appropriate members of staff and students;
  4. Monitor, to ensure that in your area:
    • A high standard of housekeeping is maintained;
    • Records are maintained to show that portable electrical equipment, extraction equipment, etc. are maintained and tested as required
    • Health and safety procedures are being followed
  5. Co-ordinate on behalf of the Head of School / RI Director / Head of Department the
    • completion of fire safety checklists at least twice a year,
    • health and safety inspection of offices and other low risk areas once a year and higher risk areas like labs at least twice a year.
    • Reporting and investigation of any accidents or near misses involving anyone associated with your School/Dept,
    • provision of local health and safety information to new staff and students
    • completion and communication of health and safety risk assessments for the significant hazards associated with the work of the School/Dept
  6. Liaise with other H&S Co-ordinators, Trade Union Safety reps and Health and Safety Services on health and safety matters;
  7. Attend health and safety meetings if required at either School, Faculty, Department or Campus level.