This section of People and Culture is responsible for initiating, developing and co-ordinating policy and procedures corporately.

Specific roles include:

  • Academic Promotions

    At Ulster University we seek to create a culture that enables and supports our academic staff to develop their careers, optimise their potential and fully achieve their ambitions.

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  • Research and Contract Staff

    A number of provisions have been put in place to allow for the advancement of research/contract staff between the following grades:

    • Research Associate to Research Fellow
    • Research Fellow to Senior Research Fellow
    • Senior Research Fellow to Professorial Research Fellow

    To be considered for advancement between grades, criteria have been produced (as detailed below) which represent the minimum standards which will apply.

    If you are considering your candidature for advancement, you have the opportunity to discuss the matter with, as appropriate, your Supervisor or Dean who, following discussions, will provide correct  procedures, guidance notes and pro-forma should you become a definitive candidate.

    The criteria should be read in conjunction with the relevant procedures.

    Staff shall receive separate notification of the schedule applying to the submission of applications on each occasion.