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We offer PhD opportunities in several hospitality, tourism, food and events-related research areas, here is a list of potential supervisors with links to their research profiles, listed alphabetically (by surname).

  • Professor Stephen Boyd
    Research areas: Heritage tourism, tourism and national parks, tourism and trails, and tourism and political change.
  • Dr Adrian Devine
    Research areas: Virtual events, social capital and events, peacebuilding and events, and event tourism.
  • Dr Sinead Furey
    Research areas: Food insecurity, food poverty, food, food policy, consumer policy
  • Dr Lynsey Hollywood
    Research areas: Consumer behaviour, food innovation, food retail, food safety and food insecurity
  • Professor Una McMahon-Beattie
    Research areas: Hospitality Management, Food Tourism, Food Experiences, Events and Festivals and Revenue Management.
  • Professor Ioannis S. Pantelidis
    Research areas: Food, technology, and people in Service Industries and more particularly Events, Tourism, and Hospitality. Other areas include digital marketing, services marketing, experience economy, sharing economy, and entrepreneurship.
  • Dr Susann Power
    Research areas: Sustainability in business and tourism, ethics in business and tourism, environmental ethics, pro-environmental behaviour change, post-growth business models, entrepreneurship.
  • Professor Geoff Simmons
    Research areas:  Digital tech impact, SME marketing, brand management, social marketing.

PhD opportunities