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The School of Law at Ulster University offers a broad range of courses which are taught on the Belfast and Magee campuses. As well as offering a single honours law degree students can study Law alongside another subject

Jordanstown is the largest of Ulster’s campuses, located just seven miles north of Belfast. The Jordanstown campus is large and lively with a correspondingly high number of staff and students and an extensive international community of talented alumni. It is renowned for world-leading research and teaching across a wide range of programmes.


An Undergraduate degree at the School of Law will provide you with guaranteed entry to a place for professional legal studies at the University of Law in England (2:2 or above grade) as well as competitive entry to professional legal study in Northern Ireland.

Our approach to teaching is designed to link classroom study to real life legal situations through problem-based learning. Emphasis is placed on ensuring you develop living knowledge: the skills and experience you will need in order to succeed in your chosen career. Internships opportunities complement teaching and enhance employability by providing you with an opportunity to apply your knowledge in the real world and gain relevant professional experience. Teaching is delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment, underpinned by a comprehensive University-wide student support system and student mentoring system, which assists students in the transition from school to university.

Accessibility and equality is important to us. We want to ensure that entry to study law is based on ability rather than affordability. That’s why our Undergraduate fees are competitively low (under £4,000 pounds a year for those born in Northern Ireland and around £6,000 for England, Scotland and Wales). You may also be eligible for Financial supportby way of Bursaries and Scholarships.

Postgraduate and CPD

Our Postgraduate and CPD courses offer you the opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge in a range of specific sub-fields, including: Commercial Law, Media Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Human Rights Law and Legal Technology.

Taught by leading experts in the field, our Postgraduate and CPD courses are at the forefront of legal education and Ulster University is proud to be home to a number of leading research and teaching initiatives. Courses provided by the internationally renowned Transitional Justice Institute provide students with an opportunity to undertake multidisciplinary research and learning in the field of transitional justice. The Ulster University Law Clinic provides the UK's only LLM in Clinical Legal Education, is pioneering access to justice research and scholarship. Whilst the Legal Innovation Centre (a collaboration between the School of Law and the Department of Computer Science) is the only UK centre dedicated to the study of innovation and technology in law. You may be eligible to receive financial support, from the University or partner organisations  .

Opportunities for students

Your time at Ulster University Law School will give you many opportunities to develop broad, transferable skills alongside specific legal ones.

As well as being enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding, there are also valuable opportunities for Professional Development and provide evidence for material to include in CVs, job applications and the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), the new style transcript for all graduates.

You can also gain credit towards the Ulster EDGE award.

The HEAR and EDGE award aim to help you to develop a tailor-made portfolio of personal, professional and  academic achievements.

These opportunities include:

  • mooting
  • law awards
  • placement opportunities
  • student representatives and student law societies

You may also want to take up one of our exciting opportunities to study abroad!

Student Representatives and Student Law Societies

As a student, you can have your say in and about the running of the Law School and the University, as a student representative on the School’s Staff Student Consultative Committee or by getting involved in the Students’ Union  .
Why not also join (or even better, help to run!) a student law society?

The Jordanstown students have a Law Society page  , while the Magee students have a facebook page  .

Mooting and competitions

Ulster University law students are encouraged to participate in internal and external mooting competitions, with the help and guidance of staff members. Mooting is also incorporated in several modules throughout the undergraduate degree.

These are intense and demanding events but highly rewarding, giving students a real insight into styles of legal argument that help them to appreciate the role of law in society, including its limitations and deficiencies.

Find out more about mooting

Specialist Units

Law courses at Jordanstown

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