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We have welcomed students from many different countries including Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia,  Spain, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, the USA and others.

Applicants from Canada

Our three year undergraduate LLB degree and two-year Graduate Entry LLB degree can provide routes to qualification in Canada either by providing exemptions in non-compulsory NCA examinations or by following up with selected Canadian masters programmes.

Applicants from Pakistan

Our law degrees are listed on the Bar Council of Pakistan’s list of recognised foreign law degrees.

We offer a wide range of UK law degrees

  • Three-year undergraduate law degrees (LLBs) on our Belfast and Derry/Londonderry campuses (including single honours law and different major/minor combinations)
  • Two-year Graduate Entry law degree (LLB) on our Belfast campus, a conversion course for students with degrees in other disciplines
  • Many one-year specialist masters programmes on our Belfast campus in Access to Justice, Gender and Human Rights, Human Rights and Transitional Justice, Legal Innovation and Technology Law, International Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Undergraduate courses

The School of Law provides innovative, academically rigorous teaching, at the forefront of legal practice and academic research....

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Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate courses at the School of Law include Master of Laws programmes in diverse subject areas.