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A Dance of Shadows and Fires

New article by Prof Brandon Hamber and Prof Ingrid Palmary.

  13 January 2022

Technology & Internet Law Short Course

Register on our Technology & Internet Law Short Course, set to run from Monday 24 January 2022.

  22 December 2021

Launch of Annual PhD Scholarship Competition

The Ulster PhD studentship competition is now open.

  21 December 2021

Phenomenal Women: A Decade of Action

PhD researcher Danielle Roberts is one of the editors of this new collection, examining the struggle for equality over the last decade in Northern Ireland.

  13 December 2021

PhD Viva Success

Dr Hedley Abernethy

  9 December 2021

Northern Bridge PhD studentship competition 2022

The prestigious and valuable 2022 AHRC funded Northern Bridge Consortium PhD Scholarship Competition has now launched.

  24 November 2021

The Search for Truth in Transitional Justice Contexts in Latin America - Prof Cath Collins

On 17 November 2021, Prof. Cath Collins gave the keynote address of the Chilean National Human Rights Institute’s fourth Annual Seminar on Archives, Memory and Human Rights.

  22 November 2021

IALT Kevin Boyle Prize 2021 - Prof Catherine O’Rourke

We are delighted that Prof Catherine O’Rourke has won the Irish Association of Law Teachers (IALT) Kevin Boyle prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship!

  22 November 2021

Appointment to Welfare Mitigations Review Panel

Dr Mark Simpson

  19 November 2021

Join our team!

Two posts with Ulster Law School.

  19 November 2021

Person of the Year - Eilish Rooney

As part of the Aisling Awards, our emeritus colleague Eilish Rooney has been named Person of the Year along with Monica Culbert.

  19 November 2021

Application of intersectionality in International Criminal Law and practice

In collaboration with the Unit for Global Justice at Goldsmiths University and the Emergent Justice Collective (EJC).

  10 November 2021

Guide to Universal Credit

Ulster-York team work with claimants to produce first ever claimant produced guide to Universal Credit.

  8 November 2021

Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship Faculty Award - Prof Rory O’Connell

Congratulations to Professor Rory O’Connell who has secured the Faculty Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship Award 2021!

  5 November 2021

Video recording of 'Right Now I Want to Scream'

A Human Rights Council Side Event by Webinar held on 7 October 2021.

  4 November 2021

Dr Mark Simpson promoted to Senior Lecturer

We are delighted to share the news that Dr Mark Simpson has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in the University’s latest round of promotions.

  27 October 2021

Law and Practice of Peacekeeping

Book launch for The Law and Practice of Peacekeeping

  15 October 2021

Impact of Brexit on Section 75 equality groups in Northern Ireland: EU Funding

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has awarded Ulster University a tender to conduct research.

  12 October 2021

The Saturday Mothers movement in Turkey: 26-year quest for justice and truth

In this blog, Nisan Alici discusses the Saturday Mothers movement, who have been mobilising since 1995.

  12 October 2021

Ballymurphy Poems

A reading with Eilish Rooney

  11 October 2021