School of Law Short Courses and CPD

Short courses and CPD at the School of Law.

The School of Law provides a diverse range of intensive and evening CPD short courses across a number of subject areas.

Taught by subject-matter experts drawn from the School of Law, the Transitional Justice Institute, the Legal Innovation Centre and the Ulster University Business School, our short courses offer opportunities for continuing professional development as well as giving those contemplating further study, the chance to experience study at the postgraduate level.

Courses run by the School of Law include:

Legal Technology & Innovation Evening Short Course

Delivered over 6 weeks, this course introduces participants to how technology is used in today's legal practice and justice provision. The course examines the way in which technology is reshaping legal practice and engages students in a critical reflection of the impact of these changes on the organization and conduct of the profession. This course is run by the Legal Innovation Centre.

Introduction to Derivatives and Derivative Documentation

This course provides a general introduction to the financial markets with specific reference to the derivatives market. It provides a solid basis for consideration of the ISDA (International Swaps & Derivatives Association) documentation which provides the underpinning for OTC (Over-the-Counter) derivative products. It should be of interest to both law and accounting graduates. This short course, has been developed as a result of a collaboration between the School of Law (Dr Esther McGuinness), Ulster University Business School (Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics) and Axiom Global Inc.

Copyright and the Information Society

This course deals with the inherent tensions between copyright protection and access, especially in the digital environment, and the constant balancing act that copyright law is confronted with. Copyright has real-life impacts on society. This is especially so with regards to copyright protection of rights to material usually disseminated digitally, such as music, videos, video-games, animation and digital film. The issue of illegal downloads of digital works is extremely topical, with controversial anti-piracy measures the topic of much debate and discussion. The economic implications are not just for individual copyright owners, but also for national economies in the potential loss of tax revenues for governments due to copyright infringing activities.

Internet Law and Policy

Internet Law and Policy introduces participants to the law and policy that underpin the emerging issues inherent in the use of the Internet as a medium of communication. Topics include the origin and history of the Internet; the technical and infrastructural foundations of the Internet; Internet governance systems; online data protection & privacy; online surveillance; online anonymity; cyber-bullying, online revenge-porn; cyber-crimes; electronic mails; property rights in electronic mails; unsolicited commercial electronic mails; network neutrality; electronic commerce; copyright protection for online digital contents and database; jurisdictional issues and enforcement of foreign judgments. This course is aimed at professionals, businesses and individuals for whom the Internet is an integral part of daily operations

Advanced Advocacy

This short course, lasting six weeks, provides inexperienced advocates with the opportunity to hone their oral and written advocacy skills through a series of practical exercises that will be observed, videotaped, and critiqued. The course is based on advocacy exercises with an emphasis on cross-examination, courtroom skills and persuasive oral and written argument. The course provides an enjoyable and stimulating opportunity to enhance  advocacy skills while gaining essential CPD points.

School of Law short courses

The following short courses are currently open for enrolment. If you would like to register interest in a course not listed below please email who can provide further information regarding course content and dates.

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