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Start the Solstice Wireless Display

The Solstice Wireless Display is a device connected to the AV equipment in selected Centrally Timetabled Spaces, which allows users to wirelessly display content from their mobile devices (laptop, tablet, phone).

On the AV control systems in these rooms, the Solstice Wireless Display is labelled as WIRELESS. Press the WIRELESS input to select the Solstice Wireless Display.

Solstice Wireless Display Wall Control Image

First time users

(Already been connected. See Returning users section)

Install the Solstice Client

Install the Solstice Client

  • Once installed, navigate to the downloaded 'Solstice Client' program and click to open Solstice on your laptop.
  • Enter your name as you would want it displayed on the screen.
  • In the Solstice Client window, you'll see a list of rooms where Solstice Displays are currently active around campus. Select the room you are in to connect. If you cannot see the room you are in listed, you can click on the quick connect bar, enter the IP address of the Solstice Display you wish to connect too which is displayed in the top right hand side of the screen.
Solstice Wireless Display Enter IP Screen
  • When you are prompted for a screen key, enter the 4-digit key displayed on the Solstice Wireless Display.
Solstice Wireless Display Key Code Screen

Returning users

  • Open the Solstice APP
  • Select the pod you wish to connect to from the list
  • Enter
Solstice Wireless Display Select Pod Screen Image
  • Enter the four-digit code to connect

Moderate the session

Moderator mode allows you to approve requests from collaborators to join the session or post content to the display. Once moderator mode is enabled, any future collaborators will request to join and wait for a session moderator to approve the request. Only a moderator can control what content is posted and the layout of the content.

Solstice Wireless Display Moderate Meeting Screen Image
  • To enable moderation mode select moderate in the left hand side of the app. Once selected simply toggle the slider to on.
  • Once enabled you, the Moderator, will need to approve all requests to join and share via your App. You will receive an alert for each request.

Sharing content

The Sharing screen allows you to choose the following:

  • Desktop - shows your entire Desktop on the Solstice Wireless Display.
  • App Window - allows you to select one open window/application at a time from your desktop. You can select this option again to show multiple windows.
  • Media File - allows you to upload a picture, video or audio file for playback.
  • Audio- When sharing content, you need to toggle sharing your content Audio ON/OFF too. This is done via the share screen, next to the room name.
Solstice Wireless Display Sharing Screen

Solstice Client Tips

  • Up to 10 people can share items to the Solstice Wireless Display at one time.
  • Anything shared from your laptop appears in the 'Layout' window of the Solstice App. You can access the Layout window by clicking Layout on the left-hand side of the window.
Solstice Wireless Display Layout Screen
  • Clicking and dragging within the layout window will move items around on the Solstice Wireless Display. Dragging the items to the dock on the left of the layout window will hide posts. You can then drag the hidden items back out of the dock to display them again on the Solstice Wireless Display.
Solstice Wireless Display Hide Posts Screen

If you right-click on an item you have shared, a menu will appear which will allow you to:

  • Fullscreen - maximises the shared item on screen, and minimises other items.
  • Stack - creates a stack of items, allowing you to flip through them.
  • Delete - deletes the item from the display.
Solstice Wireless Display Options Screen


Remember to Disconnect from the Solstice Wireless Display once you have finished sharing content.

Solstice Wireless Display Disconnect Screen

How to contact the Service Desk

You can also Live Chat with a Service Desk team member. When a team member is available you will see a button on the bottom right of this screen. If the button is not visible, you can still contact us via the methods above.

Service Desk Hours

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1.30pm – 5pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays