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Service Description

Panopto is a video platform designed specifically for education and is fully integrated with Blackboard Learn.

Panopto is the default solution for:

  • at-desk content creation.
  • capture in physical teaching spaces
  • video assessment submission within Blackboard Learn

Business Process

Staff can download Panopto from the Company Portal on to their University PC or Laptop, or can contact the IT Service Desk for support in downloading on to their portable device.

Where an academic is required to make a recording in a physical teaching space, use of a portable device, with Panopto pre-installed and inbuilt camera and microphone tested, is recommended.

If no portable device is available, staff can utilise the teaching room pc, which has Panopto installed. However, please refer to the Fixed IT and audiovisual equipment list, to check if the room you are timetabled in has an audio capture microphone.

If no lecture capture microphone is present, staff may use the AV/Media Booking Service to make a request for a USB boundary microphone for the lecture. Early request is advised as there is a limited pool of audio capture microphones available on each campus for audio over presentation capture.

Supporting Materials

How to obtain help

For support on using Panopto in Blackboard please email

For other queries Contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk.


The recording service is available for use by University staff through Blackboard. Digital Services also has a small pool of USB boundary microphones for audio capture.

Staff and students who have been granted access to recorded content can view it via Blackboard using their network logon credentials.

Service Owner

Office for Digital Learning / ICT Service Delivery