While staff are not permitted by policy to automatically redirect emails from their Ulster account to a personally owned email account, because of Information Assurance issues, there is no restriction on Students ** doing so.

Please note that PHD students are not permitted to auto-forward email. Please confirm this policy with the Doctoral College, if required.

All official University communications with students are distributed only via your University Office 365 email account. If you wish to ‘combine’ email accounts in order to avoid having to monitor multiple mailboxes, you can do so.

How do I set up auto-forwarding?

Sign into Office 365 mail and select the 'Cog icon' in the top right of your Office 365 mailbox.

In the "Search all Settings" dialogue box, type Forwarding and the contextual option will appear. Select Start Forwarding and enter your required forwarding address.

Digital Services recommend you keep a copy of the forwarded emails in Office 365. Then select Save.

Since you are required to check your Office 365 account frequently for communications from the University, this functionality may assist you to do this.

If you wish to turn off or change auto-forwarding rule, follow again the steps above to reach the relevant settings.