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Effective supervision and the relationship between supervisor and PhD researcher are among the most important determinants of a successful PhD experience.  The quality supervision a PhD researcher receives has a significant impact on their progress, completion and subsequent career as an independent researcher. This workshop is designed to introduce staff who are first time PhD supervisors at Ulster to the principles and practice of PhD supervision at Ulster and provide an opportunity for them to consider the key features of effective PhD supervision.

Intended Audience

This interactive workshop is mandatory for all members of academic staff who are first time PhD supervisors at Ulster (who have not yet supervised a PhD researcher to completion). It is also open to those who wish to be appointed as PhD supervisors at Ulster as well as new members of academic staff with experience of PhD supervision at other institutions.


4 hours face to face, 2 hours online

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a PhD supervisor at Ulster
  • Have explored the key features of an effective supervisor PhD researcher relationship
  • Have considered common challenges faced by PhD supervisors and discussed potential solutions
  • Understand the PhD process from enrolment to graduation at Ulster including the associated timelines, milestones and assessment procedures
  • Be familiar with PhD Manager, the online system for monitoring the progress of PhD researchers at Ulster
  • Be aware of where to find assistance and guidance in fulfilling the role of PhD supervisor


The following resources will be used for activities during the workshop and participants will be given a copy of these:

  • Kearns H and Finn J (2017) ‘Supervising PhD Students- A practical guide and toolkit’ iThinkWell, Adelaide, South Australia
  • 'A Guide to Postgraduate Research Supervision at Ulster’
  • Timeline of a PhD at Ulster

Event info

This event has ended

Wednesday 22 March

2pm to 4pm

Lisa Thompson, Doctoral College