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PhD Manager

PhD Manager

You may wish to view the guidance for PhD Researchers in conjunction with this page.

Your main administration tool will be PhD Manager where you can review your researcher's progress and make any required changes.

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The following details key supervisory responsibilities at each stage in the PhD Researcher's journey, including guidance and resources for each stage.

Resources for supervisors
Supervisory Responsibility Resources, Links and Guidance
Develop a suitable project outline and submit to Research Director for approval

Project Approval Form

Be active in advertising the project to potential applicants

Projects are all advertised online

Use Twitter and social media networks to distribute links to your opportunities

Be cognisant of the deadlines for application (University competitions) and/or set appropriate deadlines for application (externally funded projects)  
At least one member of the supervisory team should be trained and available to interview applicants for the project Recruitment Forms (
Liaise with Research Director and Faculty Administrative Support to make preparations for new PhD researchers (office space/computer/other resources)

Faculty contact details

Consider pre-registration communication with PhD researcher between offer and registration  
Introduce the PhD researcher to the supervisory team (as appropriate) and discuss expectations Expectations of PhD Researcher/ Supervisory team (downloadable tool)
Induct the PhD researcher into the Research Group(s) aligned with research project  
Support, and be aware of, PhD researcher in undertaking the Training Needs Analysis at the start of the research project Training Needs Analysis template/guidance
Discuss the need (or otherwise) for ethical approval and support the PhD researcher in obtaining any such approval required Research Governance webpages
Support the PhD researcher in developing the ‘Initial Assessment of Progress’ report and viva (typically after 100 days for full-time and 200 days for part-time researchers) Initial Assessment process on PhD Manager
Guidance and regulations available from Faculty
Support the PhD researcher in preparing for the Confirmation of Registration seminar (typically after nine months for full-time and 18 months for part-time researchers) Confirmation Assessment process on PhD Manager
Faculty specific guidance available
Ensure an Annual Report is submitted for each PhD researcher on an annual basis, via Sharepoint Annual Report process on PhD Manager
Identify and contact Internal and External Examiners, ensuring timely completion of Examiner nomination form (three months prior to expected submission date)

Examination process on PhD Manager

Criteria for appointment of examiners

Support the PhD researcher in submitting thesis in a timely manner Guidance on presentation of theses
Arrange viva, including securing a date and time from all panel members and PhD researcher and inform Doctoral College in a timely fashion (allowing one month from submission of thesis to viva date)  
Submit a pre-viva report for the PhD researcher  Examination process on PhD Manager
Where appropriate, support PhD researcher in achieving post-viva amendments  
Complete necessary 'sign off' paperwork to allow PhD researcher to graduate

Deposit of Samples and Data form in the Examination process on PhD Manager

Reassignment of PhD researcher’s Intellectual Property Rights form in the Examination process on PhD Manager

In this section

Criteria for the appointment of examiners

Criteria for nominations for examiners for viva assessment panels.