Research Ethics and Integrity

Before you commence any data collection involving human participants you will need to complete an ethics approval form(RG1A).

Please note that this form must be completed for any study involving data collection with human participants (i.e., if you plan to hold interviews, conduct surveys, focus groups, observation etc.). The process involved in obtaining Research Ethics clearance is shown below:

  1. The completed form for Research Ethics clearance (RG1A) should be completed at least two months in advance of when you plan to collect data.  The form is normally completed in collaboration with your supervisors, who will give advice if changes are needed.
  2. When an agreed form is produced the supervisor sends a copy and other relevant materials (e.g. information sheets, consent forms, interview questions etc.) to the Chair of the UUBS Research Ethics Committee (Dr Kristel Miller).
  3. The UUBS Research Ethics committee will then review the RG1 ethics form and communicate to the Chair of the supervisory panel and the researcher involved if there are any possible ethical issues with the planned research approach. A UUBS research Ethics Filter Committee meeting is held once a month to consider applications.
  4. The researcher is advised if any changes are needed and given the opportunity to revise and resubmit the form and materials. These are then reconsidered by Research Ethics committee and normally Research Ethics permission is granted.

Business and Management Research Area

The Business and Management research area is a virtual centre and focal point for academic research across the Faculty.

The Associate Dean of Research, Professor Paul Humphreys, and Research Director, Professor Martin McCracken, are responsible for the strategic development of research within the area.

The research area has developed collaborative linkages both nationally and internationally through its close relationships with the British Academy of Management, Academy of Marketing, Academy of International Business, and a range of professional bodies, such as, CIMA, ACCA, CIPD and ICSA.

Business and Management

Our research focuses on Operations Management, Marketing and Corporate Governance with a strong cross-cutting theme supporting the SME regional economy....