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Only fines totalling up to and including £32 can be paid online. For higher amounts please speak to a member of Library staff.

Follow the steps below to pay your library fines online:

  1. Go to My Library Account via the Library Catalogue.
    Access to Library E-payments
  2. Click on Charges to view details.
    Charges in My Account
  3. Click Pay Now.
    Pay Now in My Account
  4. By clicking on Pay Now you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of use (printed copies also available at Information Points).
  5. A summary of amount will be displayed.  Click continue to complete payment.
    Complete Payment
  6. Select your Payment Method and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your card or PayPal payment.
    Select Payment Method
  7. When payment is complete a Summary will be  displayed with your Payment Reference.
    Payment Summary
  8. An  e-mail confirming payment will go to the e-mail address supplied.
  9. You  can check the fine is paid by going to My Account.
  10. Please  remember to Logout when finished.

If you experience problems: